Tip Line - 703-791-2821

Students, staff, and parents share the responsibility for an orderly and safe school environment. 

Information about drugs, weapons, or other factors which may be harmful to the school environment should be reported. 

Any attempt of retaliation for the reporting of “Code of Behavior” violations shall be addressed by corrective action up to and including expulsion.

Students who have knowledge of drugs, weapons, violence, or other behaviors which may be harmful to others or to the school environment, may be subject to disciplinary action for failure to report such information to school authorities.

Following are some suggestions for reporting such information:

Contact the school principal or other administrator.

Dial the PWCS anonymous Tip Line at 703-791-2821.

Note: This is a recorded message system and should not be used in cases of emergency or when an immediate response may be required.

Contact the Police in cases of emergency.

If a student discovers something in his or her
possession which is not permitted at school, that
student should report to an administrator or other
staff member immediately. 

Follow-up action shall take into consideration that the student voluntarily brought this to the attention of staff. 

Students should contact an administrator, teacher, or counselor immediately if they believe that they have been victims of discrimination, harassment, or other acts which violate the “Code of Behavior.”