Purpose: To promote and establish a healthy and positive environment at BHS through raising mental health awareness and working as a think tank of positive culture changes, empowering one individual mind at a time to impact the school as a whole.

1. This is not group therapy, no sharing of individual concerns; however, if you are in need of help we will direct you to the individuals who can support you and provide resources.
2. Respect
3. Confidentiality (unless you are in danger)

Meeting Location: Room 1126

Meeting Dates 2019-20 School Year
Sept 17 (First Meeting!)
Oct 1, 15, 29
Nov 19
Dec 3, 17
Jan 14, 28
Feb 11, 25
March 10, 24
April 14, 28
May 12 (Last Meeting!)

Club President: Megan Tavenner,  
Sponsor: Alissa Bridges, College & Career Counselor