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Planning/Duty AFDA - Room 2127


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Algebra 1 part 2 - Room 2127 Algebra 1 - Room 1005


Algebra  2 - Room 1005 Algebra 1 part 2 - Room 2127

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Tuesday-Thursday: 2:10 - 3:00  Please make arrangements with me regarding location.

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This course extends students’ knowledge and understanding of the real number system and its properties through the study of variables, expressions, inequalities, and analysis of data derived from real world situations.  Emphasis is placed on making connections in algebra to arithmetic, geometry, and statistics.  Critical thinking skills, calculator and computer technology are essential components of this course.  Students will take the Virginia SOL test for this course in May.

Supplies:  Three-ring binder or pocket folders (something to keep worksheets organized), loose-leaf paper, pencil or pen, colored pencils, and graphing calculator (Casio fx-9860 GII will be available for use in class).  If you would like to purchase your own please purchase this model as the other versions are slightly different. However, if you already have one to use at home it is not necessary to purchase a new one.



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