Michael Quear

Class Schedule: 

Block 1- Virtual Prince William-US Government
Block 2- Virtual Prince William-US Government
Block 3- Virtual Prince William US History
Block 4- AP Psychology
Block 5- Planning/Duty
Block 6- AP Psychology
Block 7- AP Psychology

Students and Parent,

This year our standard platform for assignments, calendars, and resources has been Microsoft.  I will continue to use that platform as all students already have logins and access to the platform.  This includes any future recorded lessons, live lessons, resources and educational tools.

I will email parents directly using "Synergy" which is our grade book platform when there are updates to instruction for our AP Psychology Course.

Students have been instructed to finish the last unit of study that the College Board is testing them on.  They have been given the usual resources we use in class.   Communication with students has/will be through our already available Microsoft accounts using the grade book platform.  

Best regards,

Mr. Quear
AP Psychology instructor
Battlefield High School

US Gov, US Hist instructor
Virtual Prince William